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Holly Bark Toothpaste

      Holly Bark Toothpaste has advantages as follows:

(1)       Killgerms and prevent plaque buildup: The extracts of Ovateleaf Holly bark(extracts of Jiubiying bark) can kill such bacteria as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and Streptococcus mutansup to 99.97%. The toothpaste can also prevent tartarbuildup, which may mix with food particles to produce tooth-destroying acid.

(2)       Protectgums and prevent gum recession: Germs in the mouth may cause loosen teeth,bleeding and receding gums and numerous oral diseases like periodontitis andgingivitis. Holly Bark Toothpaste uses biotechnology to extract active agentsand synthesize lysozyme and protease, which through enzymatic actions can killgerms and further help protect gums and prevent gum recession.

(3)       Preventcavities: Cavities are caused by a combination of factors, including bacteria,oral health, organic hosts (microbes or germs are the residents interactingwith the hosts) and time. Holly Bark Toothpaste has a strong bactericidalefficacy, which can reduce the amount of germs in the mouth. Simultaneously,organic hosts can also be removed by means of enzymatic action. So Holly BarkToothpaste can help prevent and reduce risks of tooth decay.

(4)       Givefresh breath and get rid of mouth odor: Holly Bark Toothpaste selects flavoringessences imported from France to give a lasting freshness without harsh burningsensation.

(5)       Fluoridefree: Fluoride toothpaste can prevent tooth decay, however, without proper use,the side effects may result in dental fluorosis. It’s easy for “preventingcavities” to cross the line and become “getting fluorosis”. Dental fluorosis ischaracterized by staining and pitting of the teeth and is the result ofconsuming too much fluoride. Excessive ingestion of fluoride or overuse offluoride products may have toxic and harmful effects on nervous system and mayalso cause Osteoporosis. Holly Bark Toothpaste is fluoride free and containsextracts from natural plants to give the same effects on cavity prevention.

(6)     Whiten teeth: HollyBark Toothpaste contains Sodium Phytate, an additive ingredient to give effectto stain removal and teeth whitening.

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